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Frequently Asked Questions About Message Board Moderating
Why is GCN's message board moderated?
Who are the GCN message board moderators?
How do GCN moderators make their decisions?
What does it mean for a post to be "flagged"?
What kinds of things aren't allowed?
Wait... no politics?
Has GCN's moderation policy changed (become stricter, more lenient, etc.) during the last six years?
I saw someone post something that they shouldn't have, but the moderators didn't do anything about it. How come?
A moderator flagged/moved my post, and I think the decision was unfair. What should I do?
I don't like something about GCN's rules/policy/terms of service. What should I do?
What if I'd rather start a thread to voice my complaints on the message board?
Admit it, you just don't want to allow any criticism.