Do you have a loved one who is gay or lesbian? Are you struggling with how to respond?

Take a look at these stories and articles by Christian family members of gay people.


Sarah's View: Thoughts of a Straight Sister

She struggled to accept her gay brother, and they still don't agree. Find out what advice Sarah has to offer to others who may be in a similar position.


Cynthia's Story: A Mom's Journey

When her son came out, she almost lost him. Find out what happened to this mother and her son to change both of their lives forever.


GCN Radio: Mother's Day

On May 12, 2006, a mom named Sandy shared her story of dealing with her son's homosexuality. Follow this link to hear the show online.


GCN Radio: Patti Ellis

Another mom told her story on our June 2, 2004, edition of GCN Radio. Click the link above for a transcript of the show, or follow this link to hear the show online.


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