Our Mission: Sharing Christ’s light and love for all

This short, simple phrase encapsulates GCN’s ultimate purpose. We believe that the truth, or “light,” of Christ, and His unconditional love are for everyone, not just the straight community, and that our job as Christians is to share that light and love with one another and with the world. We accomplish this not just through our words, but through our actions. In particular, GCN seeks to accomplish this mission through five core components, or missional directions:

1. Promoting spiritual growth

Our mission begins with the individual. GCN works to strengthen each individual’s relationship with God, first through helping people reconcile their faith and sexuality when necessary, but then moving beyond that to promote ongoing spiritual growth as they continue their walk with Christ. A person who is growing in Christ is better able to live out His light and love with others. Some of the ways we seek to promote spiritual growth include:

2. Cultivating safe community

The Christian life is meant to be lived out in fellowship with others, not on our own. Thus, the second component of GCN’s mission is cultivating safe community for fellowship among LGBT Christians. We seek to create and nurture these communities both online and offline, ensuring that they remain safe spaces to be vulnerable and find friendship and support. Some of the ways we seek to cultivate safe community include:

3. Supporting family and friends

Many LGBT Christians have strained relationships with family and friends after coming out or coming to Christ. Our goal is not to replace these relationships but rather to strengthen them. The third component of our mission, therefore, is providing needed support to the friends and families of LGBT Christians, answering their questions, and helping them learn how to better relate to their loved ones, even when there may be disagreement. Some of the ways we seek to support family and friends include:

4. Educating and encouraging the church

We also believe strongly in the importance of the Body of Christ as a major force for good in the world and an important component of Christians’ lives. Our mission to educate and encourage the church, then, is a two-pronged mission. For churches that have yet to fully welcome LGBT individuals, we seek to educate them about LGBT issues and encourage them to become more welcoming. For those that already do welcome LGBT individuals, we want to educate them about ways to be more effective, and encourage them to keep going, even when they may feel like they’re alone. Some of the ways we seek to educate and encourage the church include:

5. Engaging the wider LGBT community and the world

Finally, we want to share Christ’s light and love everywhere, not to hide in a gay Christian bubble somewhere. The final component of our mission is engaging with those outside of the church, serving them as Christ would, and demonstrating to them what it looks like to fully share in the light and love of Jesus. Some of the ways we seek to engage the wider LGBT community and the world include:

Want to learn more? Contact us with your questions and to learn how to support this mission. You can also donate online or by mail. GCN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry and donations are tax-deductible in the United States.