We want you to have fun and enjoy participating at GCN.  To help keep the atmosphere safe and supportive for everyone, please take a few minutes to read the rules and guidelines on this page. (These guidelines are in addition to our Terms of Service, which constitute a legal agreement between you and The Gay Christian Network.)

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Posting Etiquette

Every community has its own guidelines for what is considered "polite." We recommend keeping the following guidelines in mind when posting on GCN's message board.

Inappropriate Content

Our community includes people of all ages, including minors, and is intended to be a "family-friendly" environment for supporting GLBT Christians. For this reason, we respectfully request that you refrain from posting the following content in public GCN areas:

(Click on any of the above terms for more information.)


Private Communications

For the convenience of our users, GCN offers a "private messaging" feature on our message board and a "private chat" feature in our chat room for conversations that are not intended to be public. These systems should be used for mutually consensual conversations only and may not be used to threaten, spam, or otherwise harass other users. If another user sends you a message which was unwelcome or inappropriate, please notify a moderator immediately.

For your safety, we recommend using GCN's private messaging or private chat features rather than giving out personal information such as an e-mail address to individuals you do not know well. GCN is unable to respond to complaints of harassment that may arise from giving out personal information.

Whatever means you use, please keep private conversations private. You may not use GCN's public spaces to post confidential information or quote from private conversations with another user without that individual's permission. Doing so may result in immediate removal from the community. We take confidentiality seriously.

Similarly, please do not use GCN's public space for resolving personal conflicts with other users. We understand that even Christians sometimes have disputes with one another, but we believe that the appropriate place to handle this is in private, not on a public website. If the situation involves harassment of some kind, please notify a moderator.

Just remember... at GCN, private means private.


Sensitive Subjects

Because our community is very diverse, we allow for wide differences of opinion on issues. You are free to express unpopular opinions, as long as you do so respectfully.

Topics that are deemed "controversial" or "sensitive" should be placed in the Sensitive Subjects forum. This includes any topics relating to sex, the "Great Debate," or any other issues that generate strong emotions and opposing opinions.

Threads that meet any of these criteria will be moved by moderators to the Sensitive Subjects section.  (Please note: this is not a punishment!  It's just a way to keep things in order.)

The Sensitive Subjects section has additional rules that apply to it; please read them carefully.



Due to GCN's status as a non-political ministry and the divisive nature of politics, please refrain from posting about political topics, such as advocating for or against political candidates, world leaders, legislation, or government actions. We recognize the importance of these issues and encourage our users to be politically active outside of GCN, but we've chosen for the time being not to have these conversations on our public website.


Moderator Actions

If you see a message board post or thread that violates GCN policy or needs moderator attention, please click the "report" button to notify the moderating team. We are not able to read every post, so we rely on you to let us know about any problems.

Depending on the severity of the offense, moderators may flag, move, edit, or remove content posted by users. These decisions are made at the discretion of the moderating team in order to enforce GCN's Terms of Service and maintain a safe and Christ-centered space for all users.

If you disagree with a moderator decision, please contact the moderator in question first to discuss the situation. If you are unable to resolve things in this manner, you may appeal the decision by contacting the Community Manager or the Executive Director by Private Message, or by calling the GCN office line at (800) 268-3688. Do not attempt to argue with moderator decisions on behalf of yourself or other people via public posts on our message board.

If the moderating team feels that an individual is callously disregarding GCN policy, his/her account access may be terminated. Questions regarding these rare occurrences should be directed to the Community Manager or the Executive Director.


Interactions with Other Users

All interactions with other GCN users, both public and private, should be respectful. Please use good judgment when communicating with other users privately or agreeing to meet anyone in person. GCN does not accept any liability for the words or actions of individuals registered on this site. Just because they're on a Christian website doesn't mean they are Christians or will act in a Christ-like fashion, so be careful.

If you feel that another user is acting inappropriately toward you in public or private (rudeness, unwanted sexual advances, lobbying for anti-gay ministries, etc.), please alert the GCN leadership immediately.

Also, please be aware that GCN's user base includes minors. Any form of suggestive or sexual conversation or contact with users under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden, regardless of the means of communication or the local laws in those users' parts of the world. GCN will cooperate fully with legal authorities in investigating any potentially inappropriate contact between adults and minors on our website.


Legal Stuff

By registering and posting at GayChristian.Net, you agree that materials you submit are accessible to the general public except where otherwise stated, and that The Gay Christian Network has no obligation to remove or restrict access to these materials in the future. You further agree not to copy, quote from, or redistribute materials on members-only sections of our site outside of those sections; or to post materials on the site which you do not have the legal right to redistribute. The Gay Christian Network does not take responsibility for the words or actions of users registered on this site, and cannot be held liable for misuse of the website or its services by individuals.