Current Monthly Budget Goal

Given this month: $6,674
Budget for this month: $9,495 (70% met)

This meter allows our supporters to see GCN's current financial status at a glance.

The bar represents donations we have received this month. It resets to zero at the beginning of each month.

The dotted blue line represents our budget for this month. We need to reach this line every month in order to break even. When the donation meter is red, that means we haven't met our budgeted expenses yet. When the donation bar reaches the blue line, it turns green, indicating that we have met our budget for that month.

The percentage represents how close we are to meeting our goal for the month. Some months, we set a goal that is higher than our budget in order to help us grow.

You can help us reach our goal today by making a pledge or a one-time donation.

Questions about giving? Call us at (888) GAY-4-GOD or use our contact form.
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