Why do you support GCN?

Here are a few of the people who currently support GCN, and the reasons they give for doing so. (Current donors: to be on this list, edit your pledge or call our office at (800) 268-3688.)

Silver Supporters

"GCN changed my life. It gave me the courage to live authentically and pursue God with my whole heart."
–Anonymous Donor

"To help change the narrative in the church - the old one ain't working!"

"You give hope to those who thought they were alone. The heart of GCN is Christian love. "
–Julie Eaton

GCN Supporter

"I believe in the work of GCN and want to help support their ongoing efforts to help the church be more like Jesus and extend His love and grace to everyone."
–Anonymous Donor

GCN Supporter
Anonymous Donor

GCN Supporter
Jeremiah Oswald

"You are a valuable resource for thousands of Christians who are searching for answers. Thank you."

"GCN was a tremendous resource for me as I was coming out and I want it to be that resource for others for a long time to come!"

"I'm a straight ally who believes GCN is doing amazing work and changing hearts and minds."

"I have received and witnessed what a difference GCN makes; I want to give back and support this amazing ministry!"
–Sean C.

GCN Supporter
Anonymous Donor

Bronze Supporters

"Neither my faith nor my life would be nearly so full or rich without GCN. God is at work here."

GCN Supporter
Bretta Warren-Kim

"I am a gay Christian that was able to come to terms with who I am and what I believe through this ministry."
–Anonymous Donor

"The GCN community has helped me to reconcile my faith and my sexuality. I have made some incredible friendships that mean the world to me."

Friends of GCN

GCN Supporter
Anonymous Donor

"GCN is actively striving to make this world a better place not just for the LGBTQ community or for Christians, but for every child of God that needs to be known and loved indiscriminately."
–K. Barton

"GCN is doing tremendous work, both in ministering to gay Christians, and in creating dialogue among all Christians."

GCN Supporter
Anonymous Donor

"I love the mission and spirit of GCN: focusing on God's love for all, and reaching out with such patience and grace. It's refreshing and powerful. Thanks for your leadership in the church!"
–Julia Smith

"This site has been such a big help to me, and I want to make sure it can help others in the same way."
–Non-Metaphysical Stephen

"This is such an inclusive community; welcoming to all regardless of their beliefs and backgrounds. If only the church as a whole could show this acceptance to all."

"It's very important to me to help christians who happen to be LGBT to connect in a loving, supportive Christian enviroment."
–Tommy X

"Thank you for being loving Christians!"
–Anonymous Donor

GCN Supporter
Anonymous Donor

"Because Justin is awesome! - So obviously this whole ministry is!"

"GCN does great work. It has helped so many people like me, who have felt on the fringes of Christianity. "

"GCN, where have you been all my life? I have to support it!"

GCN Supporter
Anonymous Donor

"This organization is doing incredible and important things in our world."

"To see action."
–Anonymous Donor

"I support GCN because GCN helps me connect my love of God with my gender identity. God Does love me!"
–Jody Ohio

"Love ... and because I went to the 2013 GCN conference, which expanded my heart."

"Your work to bring people together in love and support is very impactful. "
–Anonymous Donor

"They have given me hope and I want to promote that others that are without hope."

"God is using GCN to save lives, heal hearts and restore souls! I've seen it in my own life and in so many others here."
–Lee (houston xxgay)

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