Support the Scholarship Fund

Conference can be a life changing experience—for a young person who has just come out—for a mother who wants to learn how to support her daughter—or for anyone longing to find a community where they belong. 

The thing about being a gay person of faith is that you’re forced to search that much harder for love, answers, and community. When God finally leads you to those things, it makes you grateful you didn’t settle for cheap substitutes.
— Daniel R., GCN Conference attendee

Unfortunately, many people who want to attend the GCN Conference are unable to come because they can’t afford a ticket or lodging costs. We want to help them—but we need your help! The Conference Scholarship Fund was established to help provide assistance to those who need a little extra help to attend and experience our phenomenal community firsthand. 

Can you pitch in and help change a life? You can donate $5, $25, $50, or even the amount of a full scholarship ($360); any amount helps to ensure people can be a part of conference.

Join us January 18–21, 2018 in Denver, Colorado!

Don't forget to register for our additional activities: the WomenConnect Retreat, Community Lunches, and Service Project.