— DVDs and Toolkits —

Through My Eyes DVD

This thought-provoking 46-minute documentary perfect for Christians on both sides of the debate intertwines the stories of over two dozen young Christians as they wrestle with issues of faith and sexuality. $14.99

The Bible and Homosexuality: How the Scriptures Changed My Mind DVD

In this 80-minute presentation, Justin Lee explains the biblical arguments in favor of committed same-sex relationships. $14.99

GCN Church Toolkit

Designed for even the most conservative churches, this toolkit includes Through My Eyes DVD and Homosexuality And Your Church booklet. $19.99

— Books —

Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate

Torn is the story of GCN executive director Justin Lee’s 15-year journey to understand both sides of the gay debate and to find a way to bring us back together. $14.99

My Son, Beloved Stranger

Upon learning her son is gay, the wife of a conservative Christian minister delves into scripture to confront her situation with unconditional love. $9.99

Mom, I’m Gay: Loving Your LGBTQ Child Without Sacrificing Your Faith

Mom, I’m Gay is a book from a Christian parent’s perspective, in what will surely be an oasis in the desert for so many parents. $14.99

— GCN Conference —

GCN Conference Audio and Video

Couldn’t make it to the conference? Missed a session you want to listen to? Now you can with the GCN Conference Media Library!

#gcnconf Hashtag Journal

This portable journal is perfect for writing your story or just taking notes. $4.99

GCN Conference Logo Knapsack

Take the message of the GCN Conference—and your belongings—wherever you go! $5.99

GCN Conference Logo Hoodie

Get the official GCN Conference logo hoodie, with soft, fuzzy fleece lining. $34.99

Stories Inspire T-shirt

Be inspired to share your story with this official GCN Conference T-shirt! $17.49

Together at the Table T-shirt

Join us “together at the table” with this official GCN Conference T-shirt. $9.99 $14.99 Save 33%