GCN Church Toolkit


Does your church need help dealing with LGBT issues? The GCN Church Toolkit is the perfect way to help your church begin a dialogue or become more loving to gay people.

We designed this toolkit to be valuable for any church, regardless of their stance on homosexuality. However, it will be most valuable for churches that still have a long way to go in understanding and supporting LGBT people. Buy it for your church, or for any church that could use the help.

Each toolkit includes:

  • A 30-page booklet, Homosexuality and Your Church, filled with practical steps to help churches address the controversy with grace and love, without having to compromise their deeply-held core values
  • A copy of Through My Eyes, GCN’s documentary about young Christians caught up in the debate, a perfect way to open dialogue with pastors, churches, and families
  • An introductory letter from GCN executive director Justin Lee, explaining how to use the toolkit in your church