Trans Retreat

New in 2018, the GCN Trans Retreat offers trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming attendees an opportunity to connect with others, fellowship together, learn, and exchange resources and encouragement. 

At the 2017 GCN Conference in Pittsburgh, nearly 30 gender-diverse people got together one day to have lunch and share their experiences. That single hour of community time left us wanting more—more time to talk about scripture, to hear each other’s stories, and to exchange resources and encouragement. As much as we value the rest of the conference time spent with our LGBQIA siblings, many of us long for a space that centers our identities as transgender Christians. This year we get to experience that space together!

What will happen at the retreat?

The 2018 GCN Trans Retreat is a community event that will be broken up into three parts. For the first hour we’ll be exploring scripture together, talking about ways of interpreting the trans-specific “clobber passages,” and diving into verses that affirm gender-diverse people in ancient times.

The second hour will focus on crafting and sharing our own faith and gender narratives. During this time we’ll also get to hear testimony from Nicole Garcia, a transgender Latinx woman who grew up Catholic, left the church, and is now pursuing her call to ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Finally, in our third hour, we’ll be creating resource nets—lists of organizations, books, podcasts, people, therapists, doctors, etc. that we can learn from and lean on throughout our journeys. We’ll end in time for communal prayer and fellowship.

Who should attend?

If you’re a person of faith (or even a person interested in faith!) who identifies as transgender, transsexual, nonbinary, agender, bigender, genderqueer, Two Spirit, or gender-non-conforming, this retreat is for you. There will be no identity policing, and no need to worry if you’re “trans enough.” We’re here for you, and you belong here.

We’re also committed to recognizing and respecting all the other identities our community holds, and will work together to center the experiences of marginalized groups, particularly trans people of color and people of differing abilities.

How Much Does It Cost?

The retreat is free to GCN Conference attendees, and will include dinner.

Why should I attend?

Because you need a place to connect with other trans Christians! Because you’ve been dying to meet another person who wants to geek out with you about eunuchs and other gender-non-conformers in the Bible! Because you need a safe, faith-filled place to explore your gender identity. Because you’ve been waiting for the day that a trans minister can pray with you. Because you have the best resource that you want your trans siblings to know about! Because God made you with a desire to be in community with others, and you can’t wait to hang out with this spirit-full family. We’ll see you there!

Join us January 18–21, 2018 in Denver, Colorado!